Industry Competency Exams (ICE) Proctors

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Industry Competency Exams (ICE)

The Industry Competency Exams, formerly the ARI/GAMA Industry Competency Exams, are administered by NATE.  The exams measure industry-agreed standards of basic competency for entry-level (one year or less) technicians. More than 300 schools nationwide require student participation in at least one of the Industry Competency Exams to graduate.

Become an ICE Proctor

To become an ICE Proctor for paper exam testing please follow the steps to become a NATE Testing Organization. All NATE testing organizations and proctors have access to the paper ICE exams. You can find the applications here.

To become a proctor for online ICE testing, please visit here, and click on the green Register Today! button.

Order ICE Test Materials

Once approved as an ICE Proctor for paper exams, you can login with your username and password on myNATE. Once logged in you can follow the directions here to create a test session and place an order for paper exams. 

Proctor Script

Give the ICE Exam Online

Online exam sessions can be scheduled bleow. The exam itself is conducted through the provided link you receive after scheduling an exam, (Please click Formula TP Chart link below to provide copies of the chart during online exams)

ICE Proctor Online ICE Testing Instructions

Formula TP Chart

Please find the ICE exam session scheduling form below. Please allow for 1 business day for NATE staff to process your request. All required fields must be completed to schedule an ICE exam. When your ICE exam has been scheduled you will receive an email from NATE to the provided email address with the link and details required to host your exam. Please note you will receive a unique link for each exam type requested (Residential, Light Commercial HVAC, Commercial Refrigeration).