North American Technician Excellence



One of the most valuable services you can offer your members is continuing education and training. In today’s competitive world, knowledge is critical to success. NATE tests validate training that associations offer by providing independent third-party results.

Association Partner Testing Organizations and Proctors

Any HVACR industry association or chapter of an industry association can become a NATE Testing Organization (TO) to administer NATE tests. For additional information on becoming a Testing Organization, go to Testing Organizations. Associations and their chapters that wish to participate need to fill out the Testing Organization Application and Proctor Application and return them to NATE.

Once applications are approved and you have received your ID numbers, you may then schedule a test and order exams. See Getting Started as a Testing Organization

Note: Every NATE test session requires a proctor. A proctor is any individual who takes responsibility as the primary point of information for the testing organization. Proctors handle test oversight at the testing facility, read the proctor test script to all test sessions, are responsible for all test security, and are responsible for returning tests with-in 48 hours of completion of the test session to Castle Worldwide by a means of shipment which can be tracked. See Proctor Information

Which Associations Offer the Test?

The following is a partial list of associations that actively participate in NATE certification testing. Learn more about the association programs by clicking on the association name.

NATE Recognized Training

Associations can provide training for the NATE tests and can offer Recertification Continuing Education Hours (CEHs) that are NATE recognized. Click Here to find out how to have your training recognized by NATE