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>> Recognized Provider Training Organizations

Teach Others to Excel

Education is a noble profession. And while you may not be a certified “teacher,” you can be a NATE Recognized Training Provider – and pass on knowledge, skills and confidence to those in your industry.

For individuals seeking NATE certification, recertification or just looking to brush up on technical skills and knowledge, NATE-recognized training organizations are the obvious choice. NATE recognizes coursework that aligns with Knowledge Areas for Technician Expertise (KATEs).

Affiliate With NATE

To become a NATE-approved training and education organization, all you need to do is:

Depending upon your goals as a Recognized Provider Training Organization, the following links provide you all necessary NATE testing and training information:

Recognized Provider Training Organization Application

NATE Recognized Provider Training Handbook

Single session class form

Multiple session class form

Sample Certificate of Completion


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